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Business Category

Health and Healing

Name Business Name Specialty/Gift Website & FB Page
Carrie Walters Elemental Natropathy and Wellness Health Mentor Naturopath & Mentor, Herbal medicine, Nutritional and lifestyle advice, Bioenergetic medicine, Stress, anxiety and mood, Gut issues
Pixie Dee The Pretty Skin Hub Counsellor and a Mentor specialising in Holistic Wellness & Meditation, Therapeutic Massage, and health (specifically skin)
Hayley Appleby Mobile Therapy Tasmania We offer mobile massage in and around Hobart, Tasmania. We specialise in mobile relaxation massage, remedial massage and aged care massage services.
Henriette Macri-Etienne Integrated Dental Health Holistic dentist , dental anxiety and safe amalgams expert
Deb Halloran Healing Bitch Reiki Practitioner
Anna Buchanan AllergyExpert I test the body for food intolerances , vitamin and mineral deficiences, bacterias and allergies using a pain free machine
Julie Moon-Nguyen Eternal Wellbeing Supporting women to feel confidence in their body, to value themselves and accept who they are.
Therese Pettit Light & Soul spiritual support and intuitive healing therapies such as Reiki
Chris Radnedge Restore Muscle Therapy Soft Tissue Therapy, Bowen Therapy
Amber Muirhead The Bodhi Coach Wellness Coach, Healthy Lifestyle Motivator
Scott & Jasmina Jewell Change Artistry Reiki Practitioners
Kate Richardson Ticehurst Holding Mum Postnatal Doula service for the ACT and surrounds, along with providing motherhood support and mentoring for all aspects of your motherhood journey.


Name Business Name Specialty/Gift Website & FB Page
Mike Edmondson Mike Edmondson Photographer
Antoinette Azar Expressions of the Soul Art workshops, Art Therapy for colleges, community groups, youth services and family services.
Cayla Pothan Cayla Pothan Creative, Tootsie Gallery Cafe Artist, Art Workshops, Tootsie Gallery and Cafe Owner
Scott Meager Esoter Art Artist

Coaching & Mentoring

Name Business Name Specialty/Gift Website & FB Page
Sue Field LUNA Safe Astrologer, card readings, moon information and mentor
Frances Lamb Frances Lamb Havening Techniques, Life coaching, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K, NLP, Positive EFT, Matrix re-imprinting and deep state re-patterning
Ben Edwards Ben Edwards I help entrepreneurs in the financial sector to create the edge, perform at their peak and implement the strategies for ultimate state management and success.
Jess Cameron Real Talk Coaching Mindset & Relationship Coach
Dominic Pelecanos Dominic Pelecanos I help people overcome their mental and emotional limitations enabling them to reach their full potential
Scott & Jasmina Jewell Change Artistry We help you create the life that you want by building awareness and breaking through your limitations
Samantha Brunskill Samantha J business empress who merges spirituality and entrepreneurship to help women make a meaningful impact on the world
Hanna Van Den Hoek Sanctuary of Hearts Finding and understanding your talents and gifts to change your life
Alison Sexton-Green Mistymatta Mentoring Mistymatta Mentoring can help you unpack what’s holding you back
Michael Halliday The Path to Healing Mentor and life coach specialising in grief, loss, suicide, addictions, overwhelm, trauma, parenting and taking inspired action
Ante Strika Ante Strika Sales course
Sheila Thomas Numerology for Living Numerology
Sheila Thomas Mindfully Present Providing practical strategies to bring attention to the internal and external experience in the present moment
David Corcoran Resonant Personal Development Career Coaching and Voice Coaching solutions. 'Speak to Inspire' and become your most Resonant self

Other Services

Name Business Name Specialty/Gift Website & FB Page
Leam Callaughan Eco Gardening Gardening and Landscaping
Mike Edmondson Mike Edmondson Alpine Guide
Danielle Coady Element Property Services Property Management and Leasing Services
Nikki George National Capital Accounting Accountant
Megan Matjasevic Megan Matjasevic Hair stylist and make-up artist
Monica Reeves Bright Lives Nursing & Clinical Support, Autism Support, Challenging behaviour management, social support groups, social skills training, work skills training
Monica Sotomayor Monica the Label Fashion designer and brand
Monica Sotomayor Dress to the Nines Sydney based dress hire
Emma Peadon Style Liberation Personal stylist and image consultant with Style Liberation.
Cayla Pothan Tootsie Gallery and Cafe Located in a historic art deco garage in the beautiful Yass Valley that has been renovated and transformed into a creative way of life. The building has and continues to evolve into a larger-than-life work of art