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Wellness Breakthrough Program 18 Week course

The Breakthrough will show you how to be aware of your limitations and working with them rather than against them whilst providing a technique to uncover your subconscious programming so you understand why you feel stuck. It will show you how to reset your painful experiences so you find a new and crystal clear direction, which leads to mastering yourself and centre your mind and emotions. You will understand how to discover your unique ability and creating self belief to help yourself and transform other people’s lives and have the clear steps forward to breakthrough your fears.

Level 1: An Introduction ...........

Over 9 weeks you will get:
  • 9 Training Sessions to learn new ways of thinking
  • 9 recorded Webinars to guide you through the process
  • A complete Booklet to work through all the lessons that you will receive every week so you have everything in one place and can really work through your inner roadblocks
  • 2 Meditations you can use every day to accept your emotions and create more balance

Get the 9 Week Wellness Breakthrough Video course here!


Level 2: The Breakthrough

Let’s take your inner Journey to the next level!

Over 9 weeks you will get:

  • 9 Training Sessions to expand and reach new levels of your inner self ($697)
  • 9 recorded Webinars to guide you through the process ($297)
  • Total Price $994

If you are really serious and committed to take a massive leap in your life then get both The Wellness Breakthrough Level 1 and 2 and save $500. (You get Level 2 for half the price!)


Get the full 18 week Wellness Breakthrough Video Course Level 1+2  for $1,497 here!

Jason Irving

Founder, Practitioner and Facilitator

With 15 years experience, my passion is helping people step into their power by enabling them grow and understand their purpose.

I believe that it’s not what you do, but your ‘state of being’ that defines you. I believe true happiness comes from a feeling deep within and my job is help you find it.