Do you know the emotion that most people have if they want to create a really successful life and actually build it? Anger.

Anger is the force that builds the most creativity on this planet. The problem is that authoritarian-based leaders own it, people who manipulate people who put people down and put people in their place. 

Being really clear with the way that you want to live your life is the way that we approach with anger, and how to use it in a directive-based way. If you know how to create with anger properly, you’ll end up not being an idiot. A lot of the people who use anger, put people in their place, make them frightened and especially make them buy stuff that they don’t really need, for example on social media.

You can use anger in a way that actually helps people build their muscle to to build the life that they want. Anger is an important fuelling mechanism. If you’re that really nice person, and you never get the life that you want, you never get  choices made for you because you’re too nice and you don’t know how to deal with the emotion. You can use that anger to set boundaries with people who manipulate you, you can use it to make decisions and turn your life into a different direction. You have all the power within you.