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At this stage, you are likely to be at the start of your personal development journey. You could benefit from attending a free Life Beyond Limits weekend workshop, if you are interested in changing some of your perceptions about yourself and your world. This workshop is a great way to start learning about the Academy, and to see if it is a right fit for you.


It seems like you already have a level of self-awareness. If you are willing to change explore some of your limitations to understand what it takes to transform your life then the Breakthrough program could be just what you are looking for.


Leadership and self-awareness are definitely your finest attributes. You have the determination, the desire and the focus to improve on these areas for your own personal development, and possibly leadership in your workplace. You would be a great fit for the Academy program!


Leadership mentoring is an ideal potential career for you, and have the capability to create your own business and transition into mentoring. You may already be in the personal development industry looking to improve your skills. Your willingness to embrace the learning journey is the exact attitude Academy program participants hold.

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