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Sometimes we don’t want to start something because we’re terrified of it failing before we even begin.

This is very common, especially for people who want to change their life and transform their world into something different. I’ve transitioned a few times, and I’ve done it successfully. The thing is, you have to deal with the lack of comfort that it involves. I’ve been stepping into the uncomfortable zone for a very long time, I’ve been working, earning my own money, since 1997.

What I’ve learned around the journey is that you have to be prepared to make mistakes along the way. And if you’re not prepared to do that, then life’s going to hit you in the face anyway. So you might as well chase your dreams, really focus on what you want. When you do that, you end up getting the life that you do want.

I love my life. I get to spend time with beautiful people, every single day. And what I get to do with those beautiful people is show them how beautiful they are. I actually enjoy every moment of my working day, so it doesn’t feel like work. Of course, there are areas that I don’t like but I can hand them over to other people who are better at it than me.

The thing I want to hand to you is that if you want your life to be better, if you want your life to be a field of roses, rather than a field of thorns, then you’ve got to be prepared to see what the thorns are what you can do to change them. Everybody can get the life that they want if they really knuckle down.  There’s a few things this process involves. So the things that you got to think about is

  • making sacrifices
  • having dedication
  • having focus.

When you do that, life becomes much more simple.  Everything bears fruit for me but it hasn’t always been like that. I used to be stuck in an IT job banging on a keyboard, I had meltdowns, numerous ones, thinking there must be something better than this. And this is why I set up something to help people really develop themselves so they can get the life that they really want. So it’s really important that you prepare yourself to go into the uncomfortable zone, but know that on the other side is a true sense of freedom.