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Social Distance Yourself From Shitty Relationships

Relationships can be challenging, as everyone enters them with different patterns, triggers and limitations. This nine-week relationship course helps you to completely transform your relationships with yourself and others so that you can value yourself more and create overall healthy relationships based on respect and reciprocity.
  • Week 1: Your Honesty Checklist
  • Week 2: Parental Programming
  • Week 3: Learning to Trust
  • Week 4: Transactions vs. Transformations
  • Week 5: Your Values
  • Week 6: Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Week 7: Alone vs. Lonely
  • Week 8: Reciprocity in Relationships
  • Week 9: Relationship Contract

What’s included?

  • Access to nine recorded classes and Q&As
  • A worksheet for each class so that you can solidify your learnings