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Love, Power and Security Live Event 10th May

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Love Power and Security Live Event


Experience how to find Self-Love, Enhance Power and Gain security at the one event.  I’m excite to provide you another unique experience to tap into something special inside yourself.  Come and enjoy a night out that has the opportunity to change your life!!!



The Security trap


I have help so many people break security patterns that’s held them back from created the life they have always wanted.  I’ve often been the last resort for many that have given up and found out about me.  I have broken the security trap for countless people who have been willing to stretch themselves from the jail that’s been holding them to ransom.

Incapacity to All-Powerful.

Many people have experenced an internal power within they can’t describe after experiencing transformation with the work that I support people with.  People feeling debilitated by anxiety, depression, physical desease and the like walk out of my space feeling completely different.  People have experienced these feelings in meditations, classes, individual sessions and my programs.

Love outside to Love within.

We spend most of our lives hoping someone will love us deeply.  This cannot happen unless we experience a form of self-love and connection within.  One of my favourite approaches is showing people how to love themselves from the inside.  I know this is a cliché we must love ourselves.  It’s not something that we can simply switch on without help most of the time

The Lost Key

You may be feeling controlled by your own security issues, lack of empowerment or projection based love.  You might be feeling lost with regard to all of these.  Many people feel this way.  They endless search for a brighter future requires an ability to search out of the box.  We can’t lead the same life without feeling boxed in, frozen and unable to move. Issues such as anxiety, depression, helplessness, stress, physical pain take hold of your life when life feels we are lost without the key to change.

The Key Returned

The moment we change our perception we have the ability to tranform our life into something different.  Have you experieced something that has the opportunity to change your life forever.  Maybe return the key that’s been missing from your life.  Imagine taking your power back, gaining inner security and a self level of self love simitaniously

Let’s turn it together

A Meditation never experienced in Canberra or Globally

All the information I will provide and the meditation I will be guiding you through has never been experienced before anywhere.  I will be taking you through a collection of symbols that have been painted for me by an amazing sacred geometry artist.  Symbols unlock the chemistry in your brain to release subconscious control.  The symbols I have chosen will support you to take your power back to breath action into the life you desire.

Benefits of Group Meditation

A group experience can expedite changes within you as the collective energy of the atmosphere allows internal transformation to occur rapidly.  You don’t need to have any experience with meditation to reap the benefits of this event.

About me.

In the 20 years that I have been working as a therapist and facilitator I have navigated people through their subconscious confining patterns allowing them to surrender.  As the clouds part way, the light shines on their life allowing them to see the impact and their transformation into freedom.

Freedom Unleashed

I am Looking forward to seeing you at this event either live or online.  I am very excited to witness you surrender into change and become the catalyst toward personal freedom.


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