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Receiving gratitude is probably one of my weakest areas. There’s so many people who are,  doing things that are absolutely amazing in their own personal life, and also making changes and getting ready to launch an impactful life in the world.

I got a little bit sick last week, and I had personal messages and really caring about me. I’ve not experienced this so much until this year  and I think it’s because I didn’t have a gratitude bucket to actually allow that to come in. Sometimes, when you don’t have enough in you to receive love and care, you’ll actually be looking for the things in life that can destroy you in some way. 

So if you’re in that place where you’re not really good at receiving gratitude, I’ll give you a really important tip which I did in 2005 and am still working on. If someone tells you the you’re great, just say “thank you” don’t dismiss it, just take it in and breathe it. That’s really simple and it does work. I had to do this when everyone was telling me how great I was as a healer and I was expecting everyone to just run away when they realised that I was actually horrible and how I thought about myself. However, I just started saying “thank you” and then confidence grew from there. It’s a very simple thing.

Simple things work quickly and they work deeply if you if you let them.