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If you really want to create success in your world, you need to break the money barrier. When we consider committing to something there are usually three major blockers – not enough time not having the money, or is it gonna work for me. If you want to make something happen, money is an important aspect of it.  If you want to create something that’s going to make a big difference, you’ve actually got to put value into it, because then other people are going to value what you do as well.

I’ve spent a lot of money on my business every year and the reason why I’m successful in my business, because I’m spending money on my business. If you want to make a business work, you have to put money into it to make it to to make it work, but it’s not about just spending money furiously, it’s being prudent and making clear decisions about how you’re going to spend it. The amount of energy you put into the investment is more paramount than anything you could imagine. So when we look at a lot of people in the academy, who are really putting a heavy investment into themselves by working on their problems, they’re getting really amazing results out the back end.  If you want something, you’ve actually got to put that energy in and not look at money as the blocker because if you do, you will get nowhere and if you really want something you’ll find a way to make it happen.