2 Free Guided Meditations to accept your emotions and create more balance.

Get access to two free guided Meditations to break free from ‘feeling emotionally stuck’ and be more balanced on a daily basis.

Transform your emotions from reaction to response: When feeling emotionally reactive it feels like the world is against us. It’s like being in a ping pong game and we are the ball being hit by the bat. This means we aren’t in control of our lives, but in fact life is controlling us.

These guided meditations will help you to take control of your emotions so you can start actively responding instead of unwillingly reacting. You will be able to feel calm under pressure and not feeling stressed.

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Find out where your stress is coming from

Find out where your roadblocks are coming from and discover how to deal with them in a different way


Achieve emotional balance in meditation 

You will discover which emotional triggers control you and during the meditation feel the release of them in your mind and body


Discover your strong ​​​​​​​inner stability

In the eye of the hurricane is stillness. We are yearning for inner stability and these two meditations help you to calm the waters of your emotions

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