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The moment you react, you lose the fight.

What you want to understand is that your reaction is based on pain. If you are struggling with some sort of information, something that you’re wanting to share, someone disagrees with you which upsets you , you’ve lost the fight. And the reason why is responsive based approaches are the easiest way to make sure your ears are wide open. If you are really closed and opinionated and you always think you are right, you will miss a huge amount of information.

I love it when someone has a differing opinion of me and the reason why is because it’s so important to have differences of opinion. The thing is, I have my ears wide open. Even if I disagree with someone, they’re going to give me something really special.  I was messaging some people just last week, and someone gave me a comment that was a bit rude. The thing is, she gave me a nugget and the comment was so important. So we changed our strategy in the way that we approach to get people into the Academy simply because the rude person gave me the insight that I needed to hear. That’s what I do, it doesn’t matter what it is, and the way information is delivered; I want to keep my ears open, and my eyes wide open as well. I don’t want to miss a thing.

Having a really strong opinion, is only going to break your back, especially when different opinions are what makes you grow. You can solidify your opinion. The thing is, if you’re reacting, then there’s a major amount of pain inside of you that you’ve got to work on. And if you do, then you get a chance to try it again and respond. And if you respond your opinion is perfect.  You’re letting other people have their opinion because that’s that’s what diversity is all about. We need diversity, we need people with different opinions so we can expand on ours. If everyone had the same opinion, life would be a little bit boring, right? So we need something different.

I love the fact that in my Academy, there’s heaps of different opinions, different people, different ways of thinking.  As I’m leading the Academy, I change the way I approach depending on the person that I’m with as well. So people notice that, I’ll talk to someone in a different way simply because I know that if I approached the same way for everyone, it was not going to work. I’m very diverse in the way that I approach. Ears wide open, eyes wide open like 360 degrees. If you’re narrow, you got tunnel vision, and you’re going to get stuck in your life.