Jyotish is Indian astrology. This knowledge originates from the ancient Vedic period. The Vedic culture geographically originates from India, where this type of astrology emerged. The word “Veda” is of Sanskrit origin and means “knowledge”. It is estimated that the first written Vedic monuments are around 5,000 years old. However, this knowledge is most likely even older, as the Vedas were generally transferred through oral tradition from teacher to student long before that. The Vedas were “discovered” by Rishis (the enlightened Vedic wise men, Vedic seers) who recognised the words of knowledge inside their own consciousness. They spoke them and sang them as such. That way, the Vedas entered the cultures of other people.    

The Vedas does not merely include knowledge about astrology but also the beginnings of all sciences: Maths, Physics, Astronomy, Medicine (Ayurveda), etc.

The word Jyotish is coined from two Sanskrit words: “jyoti” meaning light and “isa” or “ishvara” which means god, creator. Jyotish therefore means the creation of light or simply light. Light brightens our path and when the “path” is bright, our “journey” is simplified. It is easier to recognise the advantages and of course any dangers. It is much easier to choose the right path and it is absolutely easier to avoid the obstacles to make our dreams come true. The light has magic power, because it repels the dark of “the unknown”. This is the purpose and the goal of Jyotish. It hides an incredible treasure of methods and techniques, the purpose of which is to spread light. Jyotish is like a lantern which brightens our path of life and teaches us in advance what we are most likely to experience in our lives. However, Jyotish is not merely the prediction of future events. If we approached it in this manner, we would miss its main purpose: changes or more accurately, changes of ourselves, who live our lives and experience them in our own way. When we change our attitude towards situations, people, things, etc. everything around us changes as well. Therefore the basis of spiritual self-improvement is the transformation of your own personality. However, it is much easier to do that if we truly get to know ourselves.”


The basic motto of Jyotish is:


“know” your past, “change” your present and “choose” your future.


These words speak for themselves, because the difference between predicting and changing or choosing is more than evident. Our past actions (past karma) determine our present and also our present actions (present karma) create our future. Each of us has our own karma (the consequence), which was brought from our previous existence or incarnation. Therefore there are no coincidences! There is only ignorance or not knowing the real reasons, which weave an invisible net or cause situations in our lives. Jyotish turns to an individual as unique and one of a kind. With its help, we create a natal chart of the moment of birth of an individual.

A natal chart is a picture of the sky at the moment of the birth of a person. As we already know, as individuals we are co-dependently connected to the world that surrounds us. Like micro cosmos and like macro cosmos. Like the mind of an individual, like the cosmic mind. Like the body of an individual, like the cosmic body. That way general cosmic principles reflect in our lives. Planets are the material reflection of these principles, which are being used for the preparation of the natal chart.

A written record or a picture of the alignment of planets at the moment of each birth “talks” about the possibilities of our life, about the “plan” of our life, our lifetime “travel order”.

To better understand the “reading” of the probability of the course of our life, imagine that we have some kind of a bank account for each area in our life. There is one bank account for health, one for education, one for family and another one for partners, etc. The “account balance” can be positive, we can be in our overdraft or we may have surpassed our overdraft. The universe has an accurate bank system, which enables souls on their journeys to enjoy the fruits of their past acts. The spiritual law of action and reaction or simply the spiritual law of karma takes care of that. It states that:

Everything that we do has a consequence …our thoughts, our feelings, our words …, actions, wishes and longing, and unfortunately also our fears.

But the purpose of such a cosmic system is not to punish, but rather enable the spiritual growth of the personality. Only having an understanding of the subtle spiritual laws of the universe can lead us to our true fulfilment, understanding, respect, peace, love and eternal happiness that we all crave for. All of the stated is reflected by our true nature which is eternal; this is our spiritual consciousness. The more we are “marked” by discrepancies, the harder it will be for our spiritual consciousness to be expressed in our lives, meaning that it will be harder to realise happiness in our lives.

By creating the natal chart we can therefore read the balance on our “karmic” accounts. When a “Jyotish astrologer” (astrologer of Indian astrology) creates a natal chart for an individual, it represents a certain order, “graha” or planets in the sky at the moment of the birth of the individual. Planets are divided into twelve signs in twelve astrological houses. Each of these houses has its own meaning. The position of certain planets in the houses brings certain characteristics.

“Reading” the natal chart of an individual or “counselling based on Jyotish” provides a set of information to the owner of the natal chart and helps him better understand situations in his life and gives him plenty of new insights into life which are invaluable. Jyotish is one of a kind also in terms of accuracy in prediction. Somehow, it is widely believed that Jyotish is oriented towards predicting certain events (reading the life plan of an individual), in comparison to the Western astrology, which is more psychological and analytical. Because Jyotish is able to very accurately specify the period of time when something is most likely to take place in the life of a person. A unique system of planetary time periods, called Dashas (various life stages), enables it to do that. This ability of Jyotish is highly valued in serious astrology. Many Western astrologers therefore use both systems.

The usefulness and the benefits of Jyotish are therefore more than evident.

Namely, the main saying of Jyotish states: Prevent an accident before it happens. Here, Jyotish does not only offer us knowledge about what and when something is most likely to happen but also ways and measures to “change” bad things and to “improve” good things. A wise man once said: “Jyotish and its preventive techniques help us change the bite of a tiger into the bite of a mosquito.”


Some preventive measures from Jyotish include:

  • fasting on an individually determined day,
  • wearing certain colours, precious stones and eating certain types of food (according to Ayurveda),
  • wearing yantras,
  • Performing certain spiritual practices including meditation,
  • Performing sound mantras for a certain planet or graha for harmonisation of karma that these planets “bring” – Planetary meditation and Rasa techniques.

This way we can have influence on a certain principle, embodied in one of the planets in the sense of karma harmonisation or tuning certain principles inside us. Of course, the most important thing about Jyotish and life in general is:

Nothing in life is one hundred percent determined and each of us has the possibility to use free will.

By bringing light or Jyotish into your life (information about the probability of karma and ways of its harmonisation), you can eliminate “the darkness” from your life and take the wheel into your hands. At first, we still have the same vehicle and the same route, but we are already sitting in the driver’s seat and are no longer helpless passengers, but “drivers” of our own lives. But eventually, our vehicle and our route will change too.

The purpose of Jyotish is not merely to bring light into our life (informing us about our life plan) and indirectly also into the lives of others, but to increase our free will and by that the input of positive changes into our lives. Jyotish therefore gives us the possibility to become creators of our own future. Last but not least, Jyotish is one of the strongest techniques of spiritual advancement.