Jyotish Vedic Astrology with Anja Irving

An ancient Indian tool for self-knowledge that can help you fulfil your highest potential in life.

Jyotish is Indian astrology originating from the ancient Vedic period. The Vedic culture geographically originates from India, where this type of astrology emerged.

The word “Jyotish” is coined from two Sanskrit words: “jyoti” meaning light and “isa” or “ishvara” which means god, creator. Jyotish therefore means the creation of light (or simply, light). Light brightens our path and when the path is bright, our journey is simplified. Jyotish is like a lantern which brightens our path of life and teaches us in advance what we are most likely to experience in our lives. However, Jyotish is not merely the prediction of future events.

The basic motto of Jyotish is:

Know your past, change your present, and choose your future

These words speak for themselves, because the difference between predicting and changing or choosing is more than evident. There are no coincidences! There is only ignorance or not knowing the real reasons, which weave an invisible net or cause situations in our lives. Jyotish recognises an individual as unique and one of a kind.

During the Jyotish astrology process, a natal chart is created of the moment of birth representing a certain order at the moment of the birth of each individual. This is a picture of the sky at the moment of birth, it is a written record or a picture of the alignment of planets at the moment of each birth which “talks” about the possibilities of our life, about the plan of our life, and our lifetime travel order. By creating the natal chart, we can read the balance on our “karmic” accounts. Planets are divided into twelve signs in twelve astrological houses. Each of these houses has its own meaning. The position of certain planets in the houses brings certain personality characteristics.

Reading the natal chart of an individual provides a set of information and helps them better understand situations in their lives, and gives them new insights into their life. Jyotish is unique in terms of accuracy in prediction, as it is oriented towards predicting certain events (reading the life plan of an individual), in comparison to the Western astrology, which is more psychological and analytical.

The purpose of Jyotish is not merely to bring light into our life (informing us about our life plan) and indirectly also into the lives of others, but to increase our free will and the input of positive changes into our lives. Jyotish therefore gives us the possibility to become creators of our own future.

Jyotish Astrology Testimonials

“I have had a reading with Anja and I found it to be incredibly helpful about the direction I would like to take in my life” – Elliott

“I have had a few astrology sessions now, and every time it helps me realise where I am at psychologically and also has helped keep me on track with my purpose” – Leam

“When I had my first astrology session with Anja, I didn’t know what to expect and was a little sceptical. Anja did an excellent job in teaching me some of the growth opportunities I have in this lifetime and I was quite surprised at the accuracy of certain phases in my life appearing in my chart” – Mark

“My session with Anja was very enlightening and I recommend it to anyone on the path to self-knowledge and growth. I learned about my limitations, things I have to go through and learn from as well as my strengths and pathways to achieve success. This provided me with a roadmap to navigate life and I now have understanding and acceptance around why I experience things as I do” – Linda

“Eye opening, exhilarating, and genuinely helpful. Coming from a sceptic, Anja is as authentic as they come: a true astrologist” – Tyron

“I learned so much about myself from Anja’s astrology sessions. My favourite part was gaining deeper knowledge of the life missions. I highly recommend a session if you are looking to get to know yourself on a much deeper level. For me it gave many of my life experiences reason and purpose” – Cayla

“Anja’s astrology session provided me with a lot of clarity for my soul life mission and what the lessons are that I am here to learn. This left me feeling reassured that I was on the right path, and helped me feel a deeper level of trust to take the next steps in my relationship and my purpose” – Willow

“Anja’s approach to astrology is incredibly unique. She helped me to understand the lessons in life I am here to overcome, and how I can use these to help others. This approach gives me purpose to my problems and helped me to gain a new perspective on the experiences I have had in my life. Anja also explained the areas in life I need to work on the most.
I can now continue on my path with a new level of awareness and responsibility about what I am here to do” – Amber

“I was not into astrology sessions until I got one from Anja. Her session was incredibly insightful, helping me to understand my life purpose, and some of the biggest challenges I may be facing in life (which were 100% correct), and the way to work through them. Anja has so much wisdom, and after each session I had with her, I left gaining a deeper understanding of myself and feeling empowered” – Hanna