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Sometimes being different is an advantage,  and sometimes it’s a disadvantage.

When it’s a disadvantage a lot of people don’t know what you’re talking about. When it’s an advantage, you’ve got a visionary picture of having a different way of looking at life in a way that actually is going to get people out of this stuckness. One of the things that I believe is we have this 90% idea, that 90% of the people do X, Y, and Z and 10%, do something different to that.  What I do is I’m looking at the 10%, looking at the anomaly, which is what quite often people don’t understand. So being different is really, really important, because  difference  creates the most change.

The tricky thing around being different is the people who are experts will be thinking “Who the hell is this guy sharing this information that’s completely opposite to mine?!’ I was on a podcast just yesterday, and I was talking about the coaching industry and what I do and he said, “geez, what you do is a complete opposite to what coaches do”. And I said “Yep, that’s how I play”. And that’s how people understand the work that we do in the Academy. It’s fast, it’s different, and it works far more quickly than the coaching method does. It’s the complete opposite, totally different, and this is what I love about the work that I do.