Personal Development Coach


Is there a gap between where you are right now and where you want to be?

  • You might be at a crossroads
  • Want to attract the right partner
  • Experiencing challenges in your partnership or relationships in general
  • Want to change your career
  • Not feeling comfortable in your own skin…
  • Looking for deeper meaning
  • Have important personal goals that you’ve been putting off
  • Have parenthood or family issues…
  • Feeling stuck, lost, have no direction or struggle with procrastination…
  • Struggling with depression or anxiety
  • Feeling overwhelmed and stressed
  • Want to do some personal/spiritual growth…
  • Would like to figure out who you really are and understand your life purpose

If the challenges I’ve mentioned above resonate, if you’ve had enough and you want to do something about it, I could be the right person to work with.

I only work with clients who are committed and sincere in their intention to grow; those who are on a path toward honesty and authenticity in their lives.

Growth is work. To really grow and change you have to get out of your comfort zone, and stretch yourself in order to get different results in your life.

Complaints and excuses are going to keep you in the same place, my job is to help you remove them, take control, gain personal responsibility, and step into your own power.

My mission is to help people become the best version of themselves.

Anja is a transformational specialist and is available for one-on-one consultations, Indian astrology/Jyotish readings and her 8 Week Coaching Program ‘BE PROUD TO WEAR YOU’

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I’m a fierce role model, my life is dedicated to my own self-discovery, growth, transformation and self-empowerment. I love traveling within, and I love my job as an inner travel guide for others on their journeys, because I know that the more we travel within, the more fiercely and amazingly unique we all become. When we explore our inner depths, we discover who we really are, that’s how we are then able to follow our true purpose and the life we’ve always only dreamed about finally becomes reality. 

When You learn to be proud to wear you, you are going to become fierce, strong, and full of fire and no one could hold yourself back because your passion will burn brighter than your fears. 

Whatever challenges or obsticles you are facing right now, I can help you understand, face and overcome them. We can turn this around together!!! All you need to do to start is say YES to change, YES to life and YES to yourself. Life is a story, and I can help you make yours the Best Seller!

Through this program we will breakthrough your limitations, discover who you really are, we will re-connect you to your highest potential and align you with the path you need to take to create a life you would love to live.

The Results You are Looking for…

When you are PROUD TO WEAR YOU:

  • You Know Who You Are, You know Your Value and You Know Your Worth!
  • You Have Self-Respect and Self-Confidence, they Help You Make Great Decisions for Yourself!
  • You’re Embodinment of Strength, Power and yet you do that that through Softness and Poise!
  • You Know How to Be Vulnerable – You are brave to Express and Show All of You!
  • You Trust and Believe in Yourself, You Follow Your Own Path, Knowing that No Matter what Happens, You Will be Able to Handle It!
  • You have Clarity, You Know What You Want and You Work Hard to Achieve Your Goals!
  • You Know What You Don’t Want and You are very Comfortable to Say No to it!
  • You Don’t Explain Yourself and You are Unapologetic about Who You Are!
  • You Don’t Compete with anyone, you are Aware of Your YOUniquess!
  • You Have Healthy and Strong Personal Boundaries, you know where Your Responsibility Ends and Someone else’s Begins!
  • You Don’t take Other People’s Opinions Personally, You Live Your Life on Your Own Terms!
  • You are Independent, you Rely on Yourself yet you are Comfortble to Ask for Support when You Need it!
  • You Know how to Love  and Celebrate Yourself and you Make Decisions that are Demonstrating that!
  • You Care about Your Wellbeing and Make Decisions Congruent with that!
  • You are Aware of Your Own Limitations and You are Courageous in Overcoming them!
  • You Put Yourself First, You are always number 1. Priority in Your Life!
  • You  are True to Your Feelings, You are not Scared to Feel, Show or Express them!
  • You Say what You Mean and You Mean what you Say, you have strong integrity, you are reliable, committed and dedicated!   
  • You are Comfortable with Change, you walk towards it as you know it helps you Grow!
  •  You Take Risks and Live Fully, You wake up every morning Excited and with Passion and Fire in Your Heart!


How can you know that coaching with me is right for you? 

The best way is for us to get together for a 30 min obligation and charge FREE chat in person, by phone or Skype so I can hear what you want to achieve and see if I can help you, so we can discover more about each other to see if we could be a good match to work together.

I do my coaching face to face, by phone or online platforms such as Skype or Zoom.  Last three are time and cost efficient as it involves no traveling and, distance being no barrier, allows me to coach clients both nationally and internationally.