Wellness Breakthrough Academy is a centre for self-development and personal/spiritual growth located in central Canberra.


Wellness Breakthrough Academy is a place where many people come seeking help with their life journey. They might be looking for a deeper meaning in life, they may need support and guidance in breaking through what is holding them back, they may feel broken or stuck and they don’t know what to do, they could be looking for their life purpose, they might be striving to achieve certain goals that seem intangible or for many other reasons.


At the Wellness Breakthrough Academy we do not provide a quick fix and we strongly believe that if a person wants to achieve long lasting results, they need to take personal responsibility and commit to self-transformation. This process is not an instant switch.

We are very passionate students of life who model and share our passions with clients. We are explorers and discoverers of human nature and that is why we are the right people to see if you are on the same quest.


Why are you here? What is your life story? Who are you? COME AND FIND OUT!

We can help you pave the way to the life you have been dreaming of. We believe the only journey worth going on is the journey towards our true self. When we are consistently authentic, the world will start working for us instead of against us.


Founder, Wellness Leader, Spiritual Development Mentor


Personal Development Coach and Indian Astrologer